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February 09, 2009


Daniel Chui

I hope Obama can also save American economy as Kennedy, handsome,charm and the same good job.


uncle sammy is throwin a combined $9.72trn at the various bailouts, etc so far? is this correct? that's equal to 90% of the outstanding aggregate balance of all mortgage loans in the US? if that's the case, i vote for your do-over plan. pay off all mortgage loans w/govt cash. that way there won't be any waste on all the politicos usual hotair items and the problem will be gone cuz there won't be any assets to write down. simple.

Eric Salzman

Bankruptcy court can reduce prinicpal amount and declare the amount reduced as unsecured, setting up a payment plan for that portion.


To my knowledge, there is NO provision of the bankruptcy law that permits the court to amend the principle amount of the Note. Changinf the terms of a contract is also violative of basic tenets of the constitution (the American one, that is).
So WTF was BS talking about?

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