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March 17, 2009



u seem to glee. lol. SHYT!!!
we are fucked. what happens to burger flippers and toilet-cleaners of this world and their kids?


I just don't understand what people think is going on at AIGFP.

The financial pundits who have no trading experience seem to think there is some top secret formula that can be lost if the employees leave. The dead bodies you are referring to.

As I understand it all the counterparty claims are being paid 100% on the dollar. No one is busy hondling for haircuts.

What kind of financial wizardry is required to make lists of liabilities as they come due?

Is this not something that can be accomplished with a team of paralegals?

Chris M.


Thanks for giving us a view into the belly of the beast - it's much appreciated.


Guliani was right to use RICO on Wall Street.

Calibrate the volatility curves properly...Messrs Black and Scholes are deserving of some parody spice.

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