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February 06, 2010



Interesting read. I was an attorney at a big firm and so much of this description befits my experience in law....screw over the client with bullshit busy work while working with some of the biggest d-bags on the planet. I couldn't take it anymore and recently quit.

I guess the difference is our paychecks pale in comparison and we have law school loans to pay back. Because of that I guess I would have traded places with you, but really I would have rather been a monk.


Funny, when I was interviewed at Lehman Brothers back in 1999, I was told the same thing along the lines of "The culture here is friendlier than other places" and "We value personality" and "We like well-rounded employees". I was young and gullible enough to believe it. That place was full of weasels.


Like the title says Raj....I miss my bonus...but that's about it. If 2007-08 hadn't happened I'm sure I would still be there for at least a couple more checks....but I am sincere in saying that I really didn't like what I was doing by 2007 and I was already planning the exit. I felt like I had become a glorified errand boy. I also had little to no respect for my bosses and our business model.

I am also sincere in my shame in getting paid a kings ransom and complaining that it wasn't enough.

Raj Rajaratnam

Sour grapes. If you could have those days back again and the W2 that goes with it, you'd go back in a heartbeat. So would I.


Linked to your post from Matt Taibbi's blog. Too many finance guys leave and some feel like regular schnooks once out of the game. But you kept your soul. Plus, dropping the Social D definitely shows character.


After 20+ years working on different mortgage desks at 3 major dealers , this sums it up PERFECTLY . There are probably plenty of retired $5,000 a night call girls that feel the same when they look back .


amen. free at last

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