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Rich Bennett and Eric Salzman have seen it all from the trenches of Wall Street. Between the two of them, there is nothing that has gone on in the last twenty years of finance that they haven't witnessed first hand. Rich spent his career as a trader at J.P. Morgan, Bear Stearns, CIBC and Rabo Bank. Eric worked as a salesman, risk manager and a strategist for Bankers Trust, CIBC, Freddie Mac, Bear Stearns and Credit Suisse. Needless to say, these guys have a lock on the financial world and are able to explain things in a way anyone can understand.

Rich and Eric appear daily from 9am to 1pm on’s "The Strategy Room". They have also appeared on Fox Business Network's ground-breaking show "Happy Hour" and Fox News Channel's "Red Eye. Rich and Eric are also regulars hosted by Carl Sabatino and and have been interviewed for Pacific Street Films upcoming documentary on the housing crisis. Eric and Rich have also been featured in business related articles in major publications including China’s “21st Century Business Herald.”

Rich Bennett is a graduate of Yale University. Eric Salzman is a graduate of American University.