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June 26, 2008



Thats right Axel. Sue early and sue often. I personally am going to attach myself to every class action lawsuit that I see!


how about another good old phrase? the squeaky wheel gets a greasin'.
i know 2 people who bought this "good as cash" for their 'joe-shit-the-ragman" accounts. and when they were screwed they were flabbergasted. this was down payment for a house money that was perfectly "safe" according to the snake oil dealers. but lo and behold, when both of them took my advice and made more and more noise and wrote letters that were going to be sent to sec and nasd and the like, they were miraculously made whole. one by citi, the other by jpm.
possibly going to be referred to as "scumbag bank 1" and "scumbag bank 2" going forward. imagine how many otherws out there just took the beat down b/c "you never go against a giant like these banks"?


I'm against anything that would disturb me reading the post on the can. bad idea!

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