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June 25, 2008



"butt-egg", you've come back! How's the rash?

pass me that butt egg

Aren't we all getting a little "whipped" these days? At least have the jockey put on a leather mask and call me bad names to make it a little spicey.


Sorry Mr. Ed, we dont know the guys in the greyhound world but with a name like Mr. Ed we'd love to have you in our racing stable. Why dont you talk to mrstb@aol.com and see if he can work out a special "Mr. Ed minimum" to join Bulldog Stables?

Mr. Ed

Do you know of any comparable funds / investment groups that allow you to get a piece of the action for greyhound racing? I was just laid-off and don't have enough cash for the minimum buy-in for horses.....greyhounds should be a cheaper buy-in. Please let me know. Thx.


no...I think Rich will be the jockey


hey--that's great stuff. I'm calling for some info...is that guy sean the jockey, too?!

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