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June 27, 2008


U Penn Alumni

its a U Penn Trifecta david shulman david alfhauser robert wolf sell 31 million front running clients this is unbelievable here on main street watching wall street which one goes with Andy Cuomo next........

hector sanchez

this is a bunch of bull i know this guy and he is the nicest and caring person in this world. he is one of the guys who actually cares about others and just doesnt go on life riping people off. what does UBS want to do, find someone to accuse of all their wrong doing and down fall. this is a bunch of crap and life can be cruel to the good and kind. i hope the person responsible has big enough testicle to face up and not let the innocent go down.

Internet Heros..

You guys are crude, this guy has a family and is the nicest "rich" guy I know.


Maybe Cioffi, Tannin and Shulman can get a daisy-chain going on while in prison together.


I met this guy shulman a couple of times. Under the heading of Sales Manager D-bag.....they could just put his picture there.


oops, nice work Kosmo.


His name is spelled "Shulman"
Needs to be correct for the indictment papers you know. hehe!

seeking omega

oh yeah..this is ripping off the widows and orphans. If Ralph does 5 years, Shulman is doing 10.


This stuff is going to stick, the Bear indictment probably not so much. UBS is fucked

seeking omega

Wow...never thought I would be saying this, but too bad Eliot Spitzer isnt here. He would just love it


Oh, yeah. If the Bear guys are going to jail...this guy is definitely going to do time. He should do time just for being dumb enough to put it on an email!


Oh, somebody is going to be a bad mans girlfriend!

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