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June 24, 2008


seeking omega

Don't worry Axel, there will be a backlash against all this. Once they start some kind of "assistance" program, the "what about me" anger is going to boil over.


yeah, kinda what i have been wondering the past 10 months or so: why is a schmuck like me still paying his bills on time or ata ll for that matter? irresposible dipshits got themselves in far too deep so they could live like the people on tv do and now that the fine print on their financing agreements has bit their oversized asses, they walk away while i still pay my bills and live w/in my means. what message is this sending? keep borrowing for plasmas for your trailer and dvd players for your escalade even tho you make 35K /yr and have 10 kids... while the folks who work and save responsibly pay for their way and will foot your bill too. keep spending and borrowing and eating and watching jerry springer...


No one took me out of my "debts" when I went to rehab. These guys are lucky!


Dinallo can do this?

seeking omega

Seems like you have some experience with these interventions.

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