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June 25, 2008



It ought to be a hoot when U.S. Treasuries get downgraded after taking fannie and freddie in. Shameful shit!!


Freddie and Fannie are COOKED !!!!!!!!!


I think I'm glad I don't have a mortgage from these jokers!


news from the beach: Bank of Fat Sam receives national banking charter. First branch to open soon. The large one states: "I'm now clean and going legit. No mo' junk. How hard can it be to take deposits and make loans?"


That's how we do Axel!


everyday i think about covering short positions and take the profit. and then i go to monkeybusinessblog and then i don't cover them.
and that is making me money.

angry irishman

I hope you are wrong because I cant take much more of this!

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