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August 26, 2008



The idea of KDB running LEH is LAUGHABLE! I bet the KDB executive who floated the idea is getting a caning somewhere in a cold, dark dungeon near the DMZ right about now!


quick note to all who noticed fnm price above $6 today: merry christmas!!! a free money gift for you realists.
a SELL at only $6??? yep. 4 words come to mind -bank of new england. if you shorted that gem at $6 about 17 years ago, you were a quick recipient of free money. no mater how you find it, it's always good to pick up the free coin, friends.


Oh geez Mike, you are absolutely right! I forgot about the fabulous Tanqueray wallet I won for hitting the green off the tee on the par 3 majestic hole #2 at Willow Ridge! I think I will use that wallet today. Glad you enjoyed it. See? The MonkeyBusiness gang doesnt just advise on things financial. We know how to have a good time too!


hey rich, I was there yesterday, thanks to your suggestion. Didn't you also win a wallet or something for one of your drives?

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