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September 29, 2008



Put your kids in public schools. Stop shopping at whole foods. Turn your backyard into a farm. Dismantle your Range Rover and reassemble as a howitzer in the front lawn. Invite the neighbors over for a weeklong bailout-a-palooza. Im no longer wearing clothes. God is short the S&P.
My networth gained ground on Buffet today! woohoo


It seems like we need a meeting with congress like they had with the mayor in Ghostbusters II. Let's get Murray and Remis in there talking about the 7th level of hell. DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER!

pass me that butt egg

Paulson's cornhole is so loose, its like throwing a hot dog down a hallway...........!!!!!!


Now Hank comes in riding in an M-1 waving his original three page document and says, "Sign this bee-otchs!"


So much for Hank getting on his knees beggin Nancy. Plan B: let the market work without Gov't intervention. JPM + C were banking (literally) that this would pass....they are cooked.


This is absolutely asanine.

Paulson is probably sitting in his office, lights off, shaving his head with his treasury-issued Rambo knife in the dark.

What's plan B, DEFCON 1?

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