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November 25, 2008



no one can change the situation except time. winter has arrived ,but the spring is coming,the problem is we dont know how long the winter is.

one thing is sure, we are all clear than ever when we are in winter if we could surive.

ken ray

cheap credit to large unregulated banks has unintended consequences. the major money center banks made huge fortunes borrowing at low rates and lending at high rates - almost 30% in nj. on a factual note- two of my sons are bankruptcy attorneys in nj representing debtors. our elected officials do not have a clue as to the magnitude of the credit crisis nor its solution.good luck mr. tim


Exactly.. WE need some new players in this ball game and I don't think he should be one of them.. New blood is needed.. Why should we be bailing out Citibank and taking their bads loans or whatever @#$% you want to call it and not taking anyone else's.. Hey I have lots of bad stock bets, can someone bail me out too..

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