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November 05, 2008



Needed to be said. Thnx Rich...now get ready to redistribute your wealth.

golden girl

if you are the last guy bush fan, i will join you as the last girl. kudos to bloomberg for their article earlier this week on the fabulous job the current administration is doing to smoothly transition over to the new one.

E in NYC

Well put RB. I actually forward this to a few people. I'm so physically and mentally stressed from the markets and elections, that I decided to let you talk for me!

Thank you.


I hope that BO's policies do not match his rhetoric. He's going to have to walk a tight line between his far left base and the centrist American population.

Bush got the shafted by a media and a radical left that hated him from the get-go. While he made mistakes, he provided sound leadership through decisions good and bad.

I believe that it is time to short the railroads. How can they be doing well in this economic climate? All types of commodities shipments have plumetted. Auto deliveries and industrial equipment movements are down and look to get worse. And with a look to the future I wonder how much revenue they derive from coal shipments.

Mr P

Well put. I must say, I am a republican through and through, but am willing to get behind anyone who can move the masses in a positive way. I truly do hope that Barry can get out and move people to real change like he got them to move to the election booths. That in itself was an amazing feat, now he needs to continue that and show the world that this country truly is great.


it is with grace and eloquence that this is written. as it will be how bush leaves the white house. there will be no trashing of the place or vandalising keybords by removing all the "o"'s or any of the other garbage those classless clintons did, billy c and his wife and their low class people ending their shame riddled administration.
that is some solace i have been taking; that it could have well been "her" in there instead of barry o. but i think if she ran we'd be celbrating mccain's victory anyway.

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