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December 30, 2008


Pass me that Butt egg

I agree with WTF. Who is minding the store? I just bought a Chrysler, under the sticker price, no interest for the entire loan. The salesman got cold feet when i mentioned a reach around as part of the deal, but, believe me, it was discussed!

Where is this crap gonna end? Where are the regulators for these bailouts and who is accountable and how?


So our incompetent government bails out GMAC getting an 8% rate of return on the money loaned to GMAC. GMAC, now flush with cash, turns around and drops their credit standards and starts offering car loans to customers at 0% rates. How is this a sustainable business model again?

Borrow at 8%, lend at 0% to "subprime" customers...think GMAC be back for more money at some point in the future? I think we can count on that. Our government is pathetic, they are getting played like fools and are on the losing side of all deals...while we the people sit back and accept this.

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