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December 19, 2008



Fair enough Hong Yu. I was using a bit of satire here too so I'm sorry if it offends. Trust me, here in the states we have no grounds to criticize ANYONES banking system anymore! I do believe though that history has shown us that the banking systems of rising economies grow with many twists and turns in the road that include lots of corruption and influence peddling/taking. That is not something that is unique to China by any means.
Anyway, thank you for the comments and I hope you keep reading and commenting. Always looking to learn here.

Hong Yu

Though I like your posts a lot, I disagree with this posts a lot - it seems you are quite ignorant about today's china.
yes there are lots of problems in china and china's banking system, but they are healthier than US banking system today - chinese's traditional conservative financial culture also helped the system.

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