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December 08, 2008



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Sorry JAB, I was out for a bit. I like being long yen vs usd, precious metals, TIPs.



We didn't shop areound all that much for a variety of reasons, and this was at the beginning of Sept. We had a price on the cabinets all set, then had our contractor look at it. He said he normally gets a discount, so we had him book the deal and saved like 25% over the previous price.

Contractors are definitely hungry for work.



Thoughts on how the individual investor can protect his portfolio from the risk of hyper-inflation...?



Are prices for cabinetry, appliances, etc bargain basement right now?


So I'm in the end stages of redoing my kitchen. Bought all new appliances back in September, financed through the store interest free for a year. Store credit card is issued by GE. Just got a letter from them saying they will send me a check for $100 if I pay off my balance by the end of this month. Not take a hundo off my balance mind you. A check that they will send out 6-8 weeks after I pay my balance off. I think GE might be having some liquidity issues.


The continued attempts to soften the recession are sowing the seeds for the grapes of wrath. These inflationary moves have to be scarring the sh*t out of some of the more conservative governors. How long can we continue to fund our debt at such cut rate prices?


ok, now I'm really depressed!

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