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December 23, 2008



I don't know why home prices being down is such a problem. It's a cost of living so lowering that cost would seem to be a good thing.

I only know of 2 people who are having difficulty maintaining their home ownership. In one instance the folks have used their home as a piggybank to avoid living within their $175,000 household income. In the other instance, one of the couple has a $5000 a month gambling problem which would easily be resolved if there were dramshop like laws applied to Indian casinos, forcing them to stop serving addicted gamblers.

In each neither instance should these problems be socialized. Let the fools go bankrupt.


RB: have a comp for u. just bot 1st one at auction on fri. 29cents on dollar from where direct comp (4 doors down street, similar stats & condition) traded retail in mid-Oct.

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