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December 22, 2008



If I weren't so dopey, almost like Fred's dad with the jug in front of him while he reads Fred's citations, I might have noticed that you spliced in video and not just a photo. Just another sign of me being over the hill.

As far as thanking Lt.s goes, here's a photo
of a young man who REALLY deserves to be thanked. I went to school with his parents(RIP Marci)back in the day and they are outstanding Americans who grew up with less than most, worked hard and honestly, have contributed in so many ways to their community. When duty called, this young man, I mean hero, answered America's bell. Listening to Bush try to shrug and justify his war is almost reminiscent of John Belushi's oh-so-sincere apology to the owner of the fractured guiter in Animal House.

When I hear politicians justify their decisions to go to war, yet they didn't send their own blood to do the fighting, I start to feel like...well...Billy Jack as he brushes the flour off some poor abused hippie Native American gal's face. Actually, having seen this Lt's dad go ape on top of Mike Asche on the wrestling mat back in the day, he'd quite capably bring to real life what Tom Laughlin could only bring to film.


That's great Chuck. We will be praying too. Merry Christmas and please thank the Lt. for us.


OK - you got me with that photo. How 'bout a pic of Dana Andrews glowing at Teresa Wright? Wish my wife still looked back at me like that.

Speaking of military homecomings, we had a small one last night when our Lt flew in from Hawaii. Tomorrow we will be singing Silent Night with a prayer in our hearts that 2010 brings him, and all the rest of the 25th Infantry, home safely from far away places.

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