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December 29, 2008



Ha, I remember when KKR and Cerberus were battling for GMAC because it was the "profitable" arm of GM. I'm glad the US Treasury has decided to act as a backstop for Private Equity too. I'm glad you filed this one under the BS category.

A C Shareholder

Couple of thoughts.

$20 billion for a dying firm, awesome. I coughed up $66.00 in taxpayer dollars for a firm I would never buy a car from in this lifetime...great.

We would have been better off if we had just let the company fall into bankruptcy using the $20 as DIP financing. Wagoner and his lot have shown little to any foresight in the industry outside of the Chevy Volt and I am sure that wasn't his. This was the group that purchased Hummer, a nameplate that's like a 2000 pound around its neck.

This entire episode reminds me of those Little Leagues where everyone is a winner. Nobody wants anybody to feel bad and go home a loser. We are all winners! Money for everyone.

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