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February 26, 2009






Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yYGoO5imyY

Hold the mistletoe, because its Crazy Liddy's AIG Easter Xmas Blowout sale.

Crazy Liddy's got everything you could possibly need to run
a global insurance mega juggernaut.

And its all on sale now. Airplane leasing companies, auto insurers, life insurers, casualty insurers, property insurers, reinsurers, financial products, banks, anything and everything in securitised toxic subprime products...And its all on sale a such low prices he's practically giving them away.

Remember we will not be undersold; we cannot be undersold and we mean it...

Santa knows that the best insurance and toxic asset deals in town are at Crazy Liddy's Easter Xmas Blowout blitz.

See Crazy Liddy over at AIG now now, his prices are totally INSAAAAANE!!!!!!!!!!!


Ahh yes.."Those who do not heed the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them". With that very sentiment in mind, and the fate of our society unfolding in front of our eyes minute by minute, I have been re-reading Jared Diamond's 1997 synthesis: "Guns, Germs, and Steel - the Fates of Human Societies". A couple quotes I thought worth sharing (from p.276) that seem quite apropos to our current events and provide a glimpse of the bigger picture:

"The difference between a kleptocrat and a wise statesman, between a robber baron and a public benefactor, is merely one of degree: a matter of just how large a percentage of the tribute extracted from producers is retained by the elite, and how much the commoners like the public uses to which the redistributed tribute is put."

"..why do the commoners tolerate the transfer of the fruits of their hard labor to kleptocrats? This question, raised by political theorists from Plato to Marx, is raised anew by voters in every modern election. Kleptocracies with little public support run the risk of being overthrown, either by downtrodden commoners or by upstart would-be replacement kleptocrats seeking public support by promising a higher ratio of services rendered to fruits stolen."


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