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February 03, 2009



When I found out ole' Barry was a smoker (which had been largely ignored by the media) I kinda figured he was part of the whole Chicago political scene(where "racial progress" over the last 30 years means now allowing minorities corrupt govt positions too, see John Rogers of Ariel Capital Management). With his new hires, its quite obvious he's bringing Chicago style politics to Washington. Now that is change we can believe in!


Right on, Eric--on all of the posts today. You want a real laugh look at the tap dancing going on in his press briefing--better than "Star Search!"


bye bye Mr Fancy Glasses.

Impeach Obama

Wasnt Obama's major theme for his election "Change"......yeah right. It's just "more of the same".....how lame.


I don't think Obama is the anti-christ, he just doesn't seem interested in making changes to the way the government has functioned for the past 20 years. So far, it's just been business as usual...and this is understandable because the changes that need to be made to save us will NOT be popular at all, the public appears to be too ignorant to understand that the changes we need will cause major pain today with the benefit of getting us back on our feet long-term.

We really need someone who is going to get in there and do away with the lobbyists, reduce the leverage limits back to 12:1 or lower, massive cuts in spending (meaning significant changes to medicare and social security, making our military less global-focused) and eliminating the deficit, abolishing or severely limiting the powers of the Federal Reserve, adding term limits, etc.


We need less people labeling themselves as a democrat or a republican...both of these parties have proved themselves incompetent. Bullshit needs to be called when its seen, you don't simply turn a blind eye because you are associated with one party or another.


I thought Obama would be more competent. Now I'm starting to think he's the anti-christ!


when rolling stone goes bad on a democrat? oofah.


I thought you were a dem, what is with all the bashing? (I like it, don't get me wrong)

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