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February 26, 2009




I do not even want to check my BP, it'll just make me angrier. Perhaps if they legalize pot we could all just mellow out and forgot about DC. I mean, anyone coming out of a top law school these days who wants to work in government has one goal in mind: to become a lobbyist. Its utterly disgusting how much money they make to influence our elected officials to make decisions. Campaign finance reform: public financing will pull the cash plug on all these dips**** lobbyists quickly. Government service should be the ending note of a long, successful career; not the career itself. Term limits will make sure we get people who succeed in the private sector, then move onto government.

Just a young (relatively) pup here, but is this the way its always been? Ha, because if it continues I am looking at an early grave from all this frustration.

RPB said, "lobbyists in the administration..."

Whose bread I eat, his song I sing.

The more things change...


Well RP, it's only Feb. but that may be the comment of the year. I find myself getting very angry. I just had my physical and my blood pressure and cholesterol were both bad for the first time in my life. I told that to a like minded buddy and he said, "Hey, I was off the charts too for the first time...they must have changed the test!"


I did not know the expanse of executive powers included the ability to renegotiate legal, binding contracts. All the while we still have domestic wiretappings, lobbyists in the administration, out of control campaign financing, the Patriot Act, the Black Holes named Fannie, Freddie and AIG, and domestic surveillance/tracking in DC and NYC. Make sure to hide your guns and your gold, Obama will be taking those next.

But at least we can now buy cheap prescription drugs abroad; the only price being innovation for those yet to be cured diseases. There aren't too many of those, right? Meanwhile we are taking steps to dump 47 million uninsured into a health care system already at its capacity. I am sure doctors and nurses will be lining up in droves to help expand the system when the cost of their medical school will no longer be subsidized and their expected pay will diminish under government mandate. Its ok though, at least with all these unqualified health workers to enter the industry you will be able to sue the system because the tort lobby has donated far too much money to the party in power for that party to question its practice.

No worries, we are going to stimulate the economy by making energy more expensive while simultaneously destroying the jobs in the energy sectors that produce power cheaply. Not to mention those that buy, sell and trade those cheap energy products. And never mind the railroads, which derive much of their revenue from the movement of coal and oil; they'll get bailed out too! Nuclear power? That is idiotic, who wants cheap, clean, renewable energy when we can reward the natural gas interests to supply electricity during peak power demand for the 100 billion dollar wind/solar farms or when the wind is not blowing/the sun is not shining. Never mind that this will lead to the rapid expansion of LNG which will give us the distinct pleasure of buying shiploads of gas from friendly countries such as: Russia, Iran, Algeria and Nigeria.

Cronism is not dead, its just been shifted to the new hands shaking the puppet strings. But hey, I like dancing.

Is there any way not to be angry?


Under the new administration you now receive more constitutional rights if you are a prisoner being held at Guantanamo Bay than if you invested in MBS.

Now that is Constitutional "Change" we can believe in!

Yippee, Obama in 2012!


this should be required reading for the beltway buffoons

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