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March 02, 2009




Oh the weather outside is delightful
But the markets just so frightful
And since it has no place to go but low
Let It Snow! As the Dow goes up in smoke!

The Bailout madness shows no signs of stopping
And AIG's billion dollar losses just keep on popping
So turn the thermostat way down low
Let It Snow! As the Dow goes up in smoke!

Warren says we can kiss our asses goodbye
But how I'd hate going down on the fly!
So if we put up a real good fight
All through this storm we'll be warm tonight!

The markets are slowly diving
And, your ears can hear all the Bulls crying
And as your 401(k) goes up in smoke
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!


I hear you AC. Where is the outrage. When your government keeps doing this aren't we supposed to do something....like on april 15th tell the gov to shove it?

William, you're killing me! I used to able to phrase...now I feel like sixty year old Paul McCartney writing "Freedom"!


How many more years are we gonna let AIG yank our chain around?

How many more years can we let that dog AIG stick around?

I'd rather see their empty heads...rollin all around the ground.

I'm gonna fall down on my knees, I'm gonna raise up my right hand

I'm gonna fall on my knees and I'm gonna raise up my right hand

I'm through messin with this Federal bailout farting ...and I want you to understand..

A C Shareholder

Just boggles the mind. The losses, the injections. At some point the family has to say to the doctor, no more surgeries, no more medications, no more radical treatments - its just gone.

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