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March 10, 2009



Just wanted to thank you, not just because the nice post, but pretty much more because my grandfather is nearly recovering from his surgery and he has almost nothing to do but staying on bed all day, his best source of entertainment has been this blog and I feel this is something good for him and his recovery.

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strange... but accurated on this new times where world is feeling all problems of economic's disaster


Nice job on the Strategy Room today!


General Buck Turgidson : Mr. President, we are rapidly approaching a financial moment of truth both for ourselves as Wall Street wannabe insurance executives and for the economic life of our nation. Now, truth is not always a pleasant thing. But it is necessary now to make a choice, to choose between two admittedly regrettable, but nevertheless *distinguishable*, post Wall Street bailout environments: one where you lose $180 billion, and the other where you got a hundred and fifty million MBAs out of work.

From Dr StrangeLoss

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