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March 25, 2009



Didn't this come just after Obama issued a joint statement with Geithner that the two of them were completely rejecting the idea of a "global currency"?

What a joke. Get your lines straight and stick to the script... er, the teleprompter.


unbelievable right! How does that shyt come out of his mouth??

A C Shareholder

Timmy turned in his paper earlier this week, but had to take an oral exam today. Of course, Timmy failed.

1.3% intraday. Leverage on currencies you can get 100 - 1 so that's 130% move on somebody's portfolio + or -. I'm sure half the currency traders in the world wanna punch Timmy in the mouth. BTW, way to stick up for the US dollar there sport. Can we please remove this guy as he FAILS at everything.

LM Shea

Obama's boys still haven't learned the Greenspan rule of interviews: talk alot, but don't actually say anything. Every time Geithner opens his mouth it's th equivelant of yelling "fire!" in a crowded theatre.

But it is fun to watch from here.

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