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April 27, 2009


Tim McManus

Sorry Jets fans. I stand corrected. The infamous Heidi game in question actually was played in Oakland on Nov.17th,1968. The Raiders actually won that game, but we all know in Gang Green land what happened less than 2 months later. Broadway Joe and the boys pulled off the biggest upset in NFL history by beating the Baltimore Colts in the Super Bowl. So again, I ask you: was Heidi a good luck charm, or a bad omen that continues as an albatross around the neck of Jet fans everywhere? Should the Jets (or their fans) petition the NFL for another "untimely" broadcast interruption during a critical juncture of an important game? And if the Jets lose "Heidi II," will it propel them to a second Super Bowl triumph in team history? Commissioner Roger Goodell - are you listening?

tim mcmanus

That's reassuring to hear, Richie. Although I was too young to remember the actual game, I know the story well. I also believe it was the 1968 AFC championship game at the since-dismantled Shea Stadium. Since the Jets won the Super Bowl less than a month later (and haven't won another one since) the question begs: Heidi seemingly helped the Jets win that one, but has it been at the cost of a "Heidi whammy" ever since?

All Jet takers are welcome to respond.

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