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April 09, 2009



They had a great headline over the tickers this morning that was referencing FRIDAY's big rally. Nice job guys.


You're right NE. I was going for a the over-exposed bit, but no way South Side Johnny should be maligned. Sorry.


Hey! Southside Johnny doesn't deserve to be maligned by a comparison to Greenberg! The South and the Jukes are still working their butts off putting on the best live show around. People pay to see Southside and always get their money's worth.


Exactly. I can watch the playboy channel on mute and get an equal amount of useful information. But I've also heard that watching porn makes people less risk adverse in pressure situations.

So on the balance, put on the SPICE channel instead???

If I had any pull it'd already be done!


You mean you guys don't like it when they get the octogon box going with one moron trying to shout the loudest? Or when the blonde broad in the late morning says things like..."Bob Pisani....what happened to our raaaaaaaaaaaa-leeeeeeeeee????"


I do not understand why CNBC must always be on. It contributes no meaningful information and is a distraction at best. Big E, take the remote and put on VH1. Think about it. If one man with balls did that in every office, perhaps they'll change their formatting and make CNBC a reasonable contribution to the information flow. Maybe, just maybe, they'll stop masquerading as a legitimate source of market intelligence and actually become one.


Greenspan is a living testimonial of the hazards that abound when an aging cartoon personality runs an opaque international financial juggernaut under the watchful eye of a feckless, clueless and senile board of directors that is obsessed with yacht cruises, cross word puzzles and spa treatments. Precisely the kind of blikered philisitne pig ignorance you would expect from a herd of gullible garbage. Too busy sitting on their spotty behinds picking blackheads not caring a tinkers cuss for struggling shareholders. Excrement. Whining hypocritical toadies...

Big E in NYC

CNBC and their cronies are a buncha douche bags. The skit where each of them tell their history and say, "I am CNBC" makes we want to hurl!

I think half of my stress is screaming at the 5 TV's that surround me at the office........all required to be on CNBC.

P*ssies, all of 'em.


I thought the funniest part was how scared Becky Quick was...she was like whispering her comments, afraid she'd tick off the crochety old man and he'd yell at her... They all seemed like they were trying to avoid the inevitable toungue-lashing/meltdown from Hank

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