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May 28, 2009



yeah, govt wud probably change the rules there too


That makes way too much sense Fletch!


how bout buy srs and buy 6% position size of nly?


My only problem with SRS is NLY... Makes up over 6% of SRS. I know that company fairly well and the way the yield curve has behaved and the way that agency mbs have tightened so much, they are positioned to have killed it.....and the stock is down pretty sharply this month. As far as I know NLY always leveraged the curve and long agency mtg basis...no mtg credit risk.

Been actually trying to figure that out last few days. Other than that, yeah SRS should have a nice move up as this mess unfolds. A few of those commercial property REITs have to go tits up.


Any thoughts on a play on SRS since the "category 5 hurricane of CMBS" about to hit the fan?

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