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June 26, 2009



I'm surprised people didn't start suing september 18th!


one thing for sure .... Kenny Boy was an idiot to agree with this without getting his BOD to vote to go along with it ...... and at the very least , he should have demanded alot more from Treasury and Fed to sonsumate the deal . Instead , it would appear he simply admits he blinked out of fear and clammed up ..... either way , i don't see how big institutional shareholders of BAC don't sue Fed for damages . Isn't that 'fiduciary duty' ?


agreed bill. he is either lying or a self interested pussy. I'm going with choice B


If Lewis allowed himself and his company to get jerked around the way he describes it, he should be fired immediately.




I think you give these eggheads and policy wonks way too much credit.

They had/have no clue what was going on or the imnplications of their decisions.

They are government employees after all.

The smart people took advantage of them and raped the system, they didn't/don't/won't work inside government.

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