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June 24, 2009



Thanks B. Yeah, I don't think they can quote blogs in print, which is too bad because it would give the 'ol blog a big boost. Taibbi pumps it on his own blog though. He's been good to us.

Thanks sfg. I love that clip and have been waiting to use it!


Nice quote in RS. BTW, that Woody Allen clip is the best. I actually pulled this once.....laughed a lot then felt guilty then laughed a lot.


p. 98


"goldmans superhero status was left intact. and "an ivestment banking competitor, lehman, goes away"

you are quoted as market analyst eric salzman


Thanks man. Haven't seen yet. What did I say?!


congrats on getting quoted in the rolling stone article on goldman. too bad they didn't do you the favor of naming your blog.

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