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July 28, 2009



SRS. sorry jukeboy. I got involved at 21.80 expecting a sharp one way move down for the REITs (underlying SRS). I got clobbered and dumped it at 16.75 last Friday I believe.

These levered ETFs should only be used for a sharp directional move. Due to the way they rebalance at the end of every trading session, if they move sharply against you, like it did to us, you're screwed.

I replaced my SRS by short selling TOL and LEN and WFC (Homebuilders and gigantic consumer bank) for the time being.


Jesus...that was a funny post. Now what should I do with my SRS Pleesseee???


ok...I'll make the corrections, but for Christ sake, at least give me credit for bringing Tiparillos into the segment. You won't see that on Clusterstock.

Papa Boule

If you're going to mention a cheesy, cheap, novelty sort-of-cigar, at least have the decency to spell it correctly.

Because we may all be smoking Tiparillos in the near future.

BTW, the old sexy/sexist Tiparillo print ad campaigns are legendary.



Bernanke knows too well the psychological impact of a rising stock market. Which is why he engineered a rise in the stock market.

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