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July 17, 2009



excellent idea RP!


Wow, I think I am going to man up for the challenge in the near future.

How about an official MB eating challenge every month? I'll propose the first contest, perhaps someone will do it.

64 oz giardiniera, 30 min

A C Shareholder

I would hate to know the saturated and unsaturated fat content of that challenge. 9642 calories, SOB better get on the treadmill and not get off until Monday.


yes he did RP. Our man on the scene reported that he did it with a flourish too. He lined up 5 blue m&ms and popped them in his mouth one at a time smiling the whole way.

If he just waited till monday it would have been on the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing!


He did it?!?!?!?

No way, last time I saw that attempted the guy puked saw hard he burst vessels in his eyeballs and had red eyes the rest of the day.


God speed, young man.

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