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August 24, 2009


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Obama committed to fractional reserve banking, the system, will continue unabated just upon taking office. Can't find the reference/video.


Sorry Marty. I will correct.

marty balin

The song is named White Rabbit, not Go Ask Alice


e it's all very simple. dc's finest are doing the only thing they do competently. kick up lots of dust and bluster, then point fingers and place blame on others for their own incompetence (pocketing a few shekels out the side door for theirownselves all the while of course). in the end, stalling becomes the solution - the reality that serves itself - and before u know it another election cycle has come and gone. what continues to boggle the mind is why the american people don't see through it and why they keep sending the same morons back to hit re-set and repeat the cycle.(?).

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