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August 10, 2009



BTW--We still don't know who Cheney officially met with in his Energy policy strategy sessions in the early minutes of the Bush fiasco, although we can surmise with 100% certainty that he was later convicted of massive fraud as the CEO of a well know Texas derivative PONZI operation called ENRON.

Paulsen was just following administration protocol.


You must of read one of the risk factors I wrote into the TARP prospectus last September:

Credit and Settlement Risk: TARP will be exposed to credit default risk on parties with whom
it trades and will also bear the risk of settlement default. We have absolutely no clue
how much this could be. Counterparties such as AIG and Goldman Sachs, who were previously
thought to be the gold standard, have become a virtual pinata of toxic financial risk and systemic peril.

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