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August 31, 2009



"I wonder if President Bush would let me clear some brush out at Crawford?"



Cut a tire the other day and went to the tire shop to get a replacement. There on the counter, painted in 4-inch letters with a bold flourish only a tire changer could muster till it smacked you in the face:

O-B-A-M-A One-Big-Ass-Mistake-America

I kid you not..


My faith in the American shopaholic is undaunted Dave. Trying to have a little fun with the FDIC. I know they have much bigger problems!

Dave C

This is a little bit speculative on your part. The Cash For Clunkers was responsible for 700K car sales. Which represents a much smaller percentage of the US population than the percentage of unemployed. So there is a chance that the loans hold their weight. I think the larger issue for the FDIC is the number and rate of failing banks.

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