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August 04, 2009



I'm sorry for posting this. They ruined my lunch and I shouldn't have ruined anyone else's!


What a crock of BS. None of them had the insight to ask: "How do they make their money?"

The stupid question she poses is: "Is making lots of money out of style?"

Its never about the fact that being successful or making money is out of style, its the fact that Goldman Sachs made their money out of being cheats and thieves, instead of working hard for their money.

If I'm a brain surgeon and I save lives, is it out of style for me to flaunt my money?

Ridiculous conversation. Kudlow is the worst. He needs to sell shoes (think Al Bundy) instead of be on CNBC.


Behind the scenes at Goldman's 2009 Xmas celebration:



They are prime beneficiaries of Gov't policies promoting their industry and at tax payer expense.
The CNBC guys are morons. There is a reason we aren't having a conversation about Debeers right now.

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