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August 18, 2009



There's no schilling here bro. Just recognizing 2 people who spent more than 1/2 a century each providing valuable information to the public.
Christ, Novak was made famous to the younger crowd due to CNN and that network doesnt have the nickname "communist news network" for nothin. People also forget that Novak lambasted the Bush administration for the 2003 Iraq invastion, said Bush was a failure, and that Reagan was the only successful President in his lifetime. (He was born in 1931). Ms. Freidman's husband was sharp and had good ideas. Dictators, torturers, and murderers were using Freidman's stuff? Hmmmm. They didnt use guys like Tobin or Keynes stuff too? No schilling. Just facts. And its clear they were bright people that had very valid ideas otherwise they wouldve been off the media map a long, long time ago.


Richie...C'mon man. I read the Monkey Business for economic and financial news, not to see you schill for right wing lunacy.
1. Novak was a hack writer and GOP tool. The only scoop he ever had was a double scoop of mint chocolate chip when he had the drunk munchies after his 4 martinis.
2. Milton Friedman the greatest economist of all time?? I guess if being great is qualified by one's flawed theories only being put into practice on the coat tails of dictators, torturers, and murders, then sure, he was pretty great. I'll give credit to Mrs Friedman for not being the typical trophy wife, even given how misguided her economic and political hypotheses were.

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