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September 24, 2009



Weil is absolutely correct. Sheila Bair mismanaged FDIC and endangered trillions of our life savings. She has turned FDIC into a bigger and more dangerous AIG by spending money and taking on risks her agency never had and could not afford.

"That's the role the FDIC played for Goldman Sachs and other firms, which took advantage of $940 billion in FDIC guarantees to raise cheap money for themselves and another $684 billion of backing for their trading accounts as an additional perk"

FDIC: Biggest Villain Of Them All


Big E in NYC

I agree banzai, we gotta bring that sh*t back to 100k.


I would like to call everyone's attention to the current deposit insurance cap of $250,000. These unpleasant facts indicate that deposit diversification below $250,000 is in order.

When the big Kahuna hits, don't count on the FDIC to return your toilet paper.


I'm not sure Jonathon is right, Considering the Tsunami going on, what level of assets would the FDIC need to be bullet proof?

Big E in NYC

Right E, how come no one ever speaks of this? FDIC going bust is bigger than H-U-G-E!
Fed will find a way to "fund" the FDIC without public "realizing" there is a "problem".

Existing-Home Sales Decline Unexpectedly(CNBC News)........who didn't expect this?

F*ck this mess!


Everytime I read stories like this it reminds me how pissed off I am about all the banking executives and their pay packages. These fools deserve NO bonus and NO high salaries.....they ran our system into the ground and they still want to get paid, what a joke. Congress needs to be cleaned up too.

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