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September 28, 2009



And he is very upset that he was called a d-bag.


I think what Hagan is trying to say is that a story only matters if a very important news person gets the scoop.

If a blogger is the first to break a story, then it the story doesn't matter.

The best stories of course, are broken by Joe Hagan himself. If he scoops it and authors it, then it is one of the very most important stories, to have ever been told. This piece on how bloggers are all stupid idiots, is one of the most important documents ever written by anyone.

Ultimately, a story's value is decided by the ego behind it. A zeppelin sized ego like Joe's, makes for the very best in stories.


Cost structure DEFINITELY minimal Divvy!


Hagan no different than the rubes on CNBC ridiculing financial blogs . There are only so many people in the world who even care / understand " financial news " to begin with and folks like Hagan , CNBC , print newspapers , etc all know they can't afford to lose more eyeballs to on-line blogs that they especially resent because the costs structures are so minimal


He's the: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqLgyvX7duw


"I wonder what Hagan's motive was?"

Likely the same motive as any other MSM talking head. No one wants to acknowledge the economic storm we're haplessly marching into. They think they can talk their way out of reality.

They'll soon see otherwise.


Yes, he's a: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zrNf6-EP3U


Honored to be in their company Snoop! I wonder what Hagan's motive was? He also took a shot at Matt Taibbi in his piece.

As the late great Omar Little said in Season I of "The Wire" "You come after the king baby, you best not miss!"


You know, Eric, I'm a regular reader of ZH, as well as Monkey Business, and while it's clear Hagan took some shots at ZH (like we'd expect anyway, from a lefty author), I thought it was very interesting, to say the least.

My high opinion of the work (public service!) being done by ZH is intact & undamaged.

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