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September 25, 2009



so whens ur wife gonna pic up the shiiiiiiiit?!?!?!?!??!?! huh? oh yeh he'll probably be humping ur wife's leg tooo.. so look out obama.. someone wants your wife... STAND UP AND DEFEND YOUR PRIDE!!!


ha... beat that press...


obama has posponed my show.. the jack-ass... I HOPE YOU'RE NEW DOG SHITS ALL OVER HOUSE AND YOU'RE KIDS THINK ITS CHOCOLATE..... YAAAAAAY!!!!


Tremendous Bill....Tremendous!


(Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen)

Is this really your political life-
Is this just a banana democracy-
Caught in a November landslide-
Now no escape from reality-
Open your eyes
Look out to the town hall crowds and see-
Im just a poor President,i need no sympathy-
Because I'm easy come,easy go,
Polls a little high,little low,
Anyway the political wind blows,doesnt really matter to me,
To me

Obama, they'll kill the Healthcare plan,
Wall Street's pulled its money gun now bank reform is good as dead,
You'd better pull the trigger, before your green action plan turns red,
Obama, we all thought change had just begun,
But now its almost gone and you've thrown it all away-
Obaama ooo,
Didnt mean to make you cry-
If your numbers don't come back again this time tomorrow-
Carry on,carry on,as if nothing really matters-

Too late, Washington's judgement time has come,
Spending rivers but can't raise a dime-
Budgets aching all the time,
Goodbye everybody-those Capital hill idiots got to go-
Gotta kick their sorry behinds and let them face the truth-
Obama ooo- (any way the Political wind blows)
If you dont want your legacy to die,
We all wish you'd kick some political ass around Capital Hill's halls-

I see a little silhouetto of an angry man,
Rush Limbaugh, Rush Limbaugh will you do the fandango-
Right winged nut jobs and Neocon Talibans-very very frightening me-
Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin
Alaskan trailor trash queen-magnifico-
I'm just a dumb Alaskan gal but all the right wing morons love me-
She's just a dumb Alaskan gal who runs a dysfunctional red neck family-
Spare all our lives from this beehived nitwit monstrosity-
Easy come please easy go-, will she let it go-
Dick Cheney!: no-,we will not let her go-let her go-
Glen Beck!: no- we will not let her go-let her go
John McCain! Hey, I did not let her go-but everyone let me go
Will not let her go-let her go
Will not let her go let her go
Oh no,no,no,no,no,no,no-

Obama mia,Obama mia, Obama mia get up and go go go-
Obama has a Neocon devil to put aside for we,for we,for we-

So you think you can elect me and then spit in my eye-
So you think you can love me but leave my legislative agenda to die-
Oh baby-cant do this to me baby-
We just gotta get out-just gotta get right out there-

Yes we can can can

Nothing else really matters,
Anyone can see,
Nothing else really matters-, nothing else really matters to me,

Any way the Political wind blows....


I just found this blog tonight, this is the first post I read on it, and I'm damn glad someone's finally putting it out there. Props, yo. Keep 'em comin'!


i couldnt believe the banker comparison to NFL players or silicon valley entrepreneur. im a crunchy liberal and i nearly threw my computer. There's maybe a few thousand guys on the planet with the chops to play in the NFL. Entrepreneurs actually risk personal capital. Bankers get full benefits, 5 weeks vaca, 401k matching, huge expense accounts, access to someone else's capital. And, if some trader loses a billion bucks, its like "wow he's important enough to have that risk license'...and some d-bag competing firm gives him a guaranteed contract to buy the flows!!!

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