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September 28, 2009



depends on who u know kevin. if u r tight w/lotsa folks w/lotsa wheat, they'll buy stuff if they like u. u may have more fun however cleaning sewers over the next 10yrs than banging yer head against that wall..


OK, question. I am 29 years old, an amateur investor, and about to take a position with a company as a financial advisor/planner. The position includes life and disability sales, annuities sales, 401Ks, 329s, mutual funds, etc etc etc, and salary is 100% commission. Should I worry about getting lumped in with Madoff and his ilk? Not gonna lie, I am slightly worried that the last 2 years has left so bad a taste in people's mouths that they will just stick every penny in a local bank savings account, and I am up a creek.

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