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October 05, 2009



Checkout Felix Salmon's counterpoint goldman-empathetic article on this.

If you asked Obama about this last year, he would have said "They are acting with-in the existing financial laws, we cannot go after them". Which is exactly what he said when asked about massive financial fraud and tax-payer bailout last year.

I give Ben credit for one thing : Making everybody believe that USA has enough money to backstop everything. Perception of "No more Big failures". Alas, this bullshit only prolongs the zombie situation.


We can always hope Red. Have to keep the light shining.


This was accepted practice last year. I am glad everybody is talking about it now, even before GS got the payout. Maybe something will be done. you can hope right?


Instead of commenting on this very well written diatribe against a wonderful Wall Street institution, I am going to provide the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F1omvf4NCc

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