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October 08, 2009



Bush was robbed!


Nobel peace prize? He made a few nice speeches.





I don't think that the economic stimulus is bad. Here in the midwest we are starving for cash or revenue. The peasants need some little bailout, too. I do have a problem with GM getting a bailout. They announced that they would invest in China after one of their life-support cash infusions from the US. That plan was dropped without publicity. What a dick move! They were going to import cheapo Chinese cars and put more Americans out of work. And it would be soon, too. GM has a large presence in China right now, a large capacity. All of these banks and companies that are too big to fail are acting very badly, and are not about serving anybody but themselves to the welfare they are getting.


Richie, I agree with nearly everything you say but you forget that these people hold the reins of power and the key to the printing press. They can enact whatever idiotic idea that the academics come up with. Their stupidity, imprudence and hubris knows no bounds. And when more responsible leaders are elected and try to rectify our mess by fiscally solvent means they will be crucified for "taking away the stimulus too fast."

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