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November 28, 2009



The US isn't at war with the United Arab Emirates.


Bravo Richie! Well said. But more importantly, I want to hear more about that Israeli nightlife.....


Yeah, Ruth--let me guess--you either work in the Obama administration and you're apologizing for the terrible things America does, (maybe we should cut off the checks we send everyone) or perhaps your last name is middle eastern.

No one is saying to hate Arabs--but when a plane flys into a buidling here at home piloted by some pissed of Israeli militanats you let me know!


I am hurt by your comments. Not the idiot part. The "typical idiot" part. I like to think I'm not typical. So calling me typical is painful. A couple of more things. Um, Eric went to AU. I went to Yale. So if you are going to disparage fine institutions of higher learning, please blame the school in New Haven, CT for producing dopes. Also, I dont think I'm really taking a pro-Israel stance. I did enjoy the country and the people were very nice. They also weren't too thrilled with some of their "brethren's" political stances in the US of A. Interesting right? Didn't make me like the people any less. Oh and the Israelis will let you into the country with a stamp from an Arab country in your passport. They just racially profile you a bit more. And you know what? Thats a good thing. (I'm sure I just bought on a whole fight with the ACLU now but thats ok). Racist. Now that's not nice either. And because of how I'm looking at guys we are at war with, maybe I do come off as hating them a little. Call me nuts. But racist? A little strong. I'm just glad you didnt call me a typical racist.

So in summary, please dont disparage AU, please dont call me typical, and please dont bet against me when I know what national descent the next kid is that might blow up a bus anywhere on this globe. You see because I called the 9/11 thing, the Bali thing, and even the Ft. Hood thing in about 6 seconds after they happened. And wow I was right every time.


Wow, just the sort of whiny pro-Isreal junk I've come to expect from an AU grad. Heh. "I've been to Isreal and I hate Arabs but I'm not racist, they're evil!" You're an idiot. What's worse is that you're a typical idiot.


well said Richie--and enough of this P.C. crap in our country--it's time to WAKE UP and see what is going on in the world. Dubai; Disney world--hmmmm...



Thanks for the link. I implore all of our readers to even glance over that link and you'll see what I'm talking about. The next time you talk about the USA being awful to its people and its workers, read this link. Its kind of cool too, to see all the Hollywood people who spend a lot of time telling you and I how to think, living large in places like Dubai. Good luck to them, the dopes who listen to them, and this administration in DC who embraces them. All assclowns.


you only scratched dubai, here is the complete picture:


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