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November 15, 2009


Hong Yu

Oh by the way, a small thing, the Premier is Wen. Hu is the President.

Hong Yu

President Salzman, great ideas and comments, as always!

China has been complaining for many years that US blocked China from purchasing high-tech products from US because US politicians'national secutiry concerns. Guess what? In the end, Chinese is forced to either to develop their own technologies or buy from other Western countries. If US government is smart enough, there should be a more balanced way to export the US high-tech products.

On the other hand, the desire of Chinese parents to let their kids to train in US schools is indeed extremely strong and a up-middle class family in China is able to manage today's tuition cost for their one child. I think the biggest barrier is the visa issue - the US consular is notorious to reject the majority of the visa applicants without much elaboration and that's why most of the chinese parents sent their kids to study in shitty schools in UK, Aussie, even Canada because of the visa issue in US. However, as you said, if the US governemt can relax the visa issue, I bet it would be a huge market for US institutions.


Sorry folks but Slick Willy only perpetuated it. The manufacturing decline started with "re-engineering" and the idea that by lowering the cost of a chair at Wal-Mart by $0.25 the CEO can make a couple of hundred million dollars more in stock and options. Hey, why not outsource the jobs? It's all about what the executive gets right? And why should the institutional investors who control huge blocks of stock care? As long as the stock goes up right? Slick Willy should be blamed for a lot of things but this is not his original sin.

Jukeboy Jim

Great to see an Eric post!!! I hope it keeps coming.....Slick Willy was too busy killing people and covering it up to sell out US manufacturing.


Slick Willy sold out US manufacturing when he allowed a blatant currency manipulator and mercantilist vendor financier into the WTO.


well done, E--good to see you back!

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