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August 27, 2010



I cnnaot tell a lie, that really helped.


once again, all the trolls come out and criticize things that have no bearing on the relevant points. religion has nothing to do with dealing with energy problems, or telling the nation the hard truth. the man had the integrity to stand up for his beliefs while trying to give the country a decent direction.
as for the rest, the comments sound particularly short-sighted and lacking in knowledge of what a leader is and should be. as for the idea that a "common man" isn't qualified to be a leader on a presidential scale, that only shows a rich snob who needs to get over their bias.
bottomline - Carter told it like it was, the nation couldn't handle the truth, and brought in someone who looked good on TV. (Reagan wasn't too bad - he was inspirational, and some good things happened while he was in office, but everything after has seemed to be a massive downhill slide...)
(i also wonder how many of the commenters were even alive to have seen Carter's administration, or have done their study on it?)


It's amusing that some folks view leadership as 'hearing what they want to hear,' and successful leadership as 'being lied to successfully.'

Well done, conservatives. Well done.

Fujin Mana

All of these comments seem like typical American arrogance. You just expect that the world should provide for your sky-high standard of living. You can just go and "own" any resource on the globe by manipulating and strong-arming poorer countries for your own agendas. I'm interested to see how the global geo-political landscape will change now that America's global influence and relevance is not so relevant anymore behind China and India's growing power.


If you know anything about Jimmy Carter's presidency, then you would know that he was one of the worst presidents in history. His "common persona" was appealing, but the common person does not how to rule the most powerful nation on earth. Sadly, his one-term presidency was a failure. His speech was inspirational though

Ike Ahnoklast

Except for the idiotic religious exhortations (which he's obliged to include because of all the religious idiots in the audience) he is spot-on. You tell 'em, Mister President - yay! We miss you. We needed you.


Steve -
I understand your point, and I will admit that I know little about Jimmy Carter's presidency as I'm not very well educated/never paid attention in history. However, in my opinion, the realities of the situation alone should strike inspiration in people, especially with a situation such as this that effects the entire country and is so dire to our way of life (I believe his statements are still relevant 30 years later). This was more inspiring than any other presidentianl speech I have heard. This man was telling the complete truth while supplying potential and realistic solutions that he promised to stand behind 100%. He was directly telling us that if we all put in effort, all came together as one for our country, that these problems could be solved. Carter tells us he will lead us through if we so choose to take action, but that it is up to the people to decide their fate, not simply their government. He says all of this, with the most sincere and serious tone in his voice, and look in his eyes. The reality, the solution, and the action he promises to stand behind. To me, that is extremely inspiring and exactly what I look for in a leader, president or not. Also, I am not trying to debate you and hopefully this didn't come off as rude. I was moved by this speech and felt like sharing my two cents. Again, I know very little about Jimmy Carter's presidency and most of this comment is based watching this speech. I'm definately going to read up after viewing this.


We were either subjects or slaves .... Unless you were royalty...

Conscience of a Conservative

Jimmy Carter , smartest guy who should never have been President...



It doesn't seem appropriate for the President to be preaching like that.

Carter was the last President that did not come out of the political elite.
He was also the last president that eschewed all that feel-good bullshit in favor of the truth.
We ignored the fuck out of him and elected his antithesis down the road.
And we're fucked as a result.


Jim, it just goes to show you that Jimmy Carter's biggest failing as president was lack of leadership skills. Being a leader means recognizing hard truths, then *motivating* people to act. It's not just telling everyone how much they're boned. No one wants to hear it, even if it's true. A President that recognizes the realities of the current situation, but cannot inspire the people to act, is worthless. Jimmy Carter would have made a great policy wonk, head of a think tank, or other intellectual position, but he made a poor President, even if he was wright.


This speach my not be inspirational but sadly we have headed down the path he warned about nothing has been done about our energy issues, our government has only gotten worse and too many people treat it like a sport and all that matters to them is that there team wins the country be damned it's all about their party. Unless we the people rise up and demand that the way our government is run be changed our republic is ultimately doomed.

Conscience of a Conservative

Frankly, I never liked Carter's or anyone of the other Presidents approach on energy. It would be hugely unpopular but unless you slap a huge govt surcharge on gasoline you are not going to encourage alternate fuels or more efficient vehicles. Gov't subsidies to auto companies or windmill companies just become hand-outs to the politically connected and subsidies are funded by the tax payer it's not free money. And remember the most competitive fuel to replace carbon solutions is nuclear and the gov't wont address the regulatory landscape to make this happen.

Now trying to think where you see this Nuclear energy and surcharges on gasoline being used.... Yes Europe. So has been tried, but yet you see Reed blocking the storage of nuclear waste for political reasons and the White house backing away from promises to promote Nuclear.

I guess wearing a sweater and taxing oil companies makes for good TV and politics but it doesn't increase domestic production and it doesn't promote alternate fuels.

Apologize, but I am not a fan of Carter. Other than Camp David he was a disaster.


Jimmy Carter was no liberal utopian Fletch. He told the truth and it hurt. We don't like the truth. We like to be told how great we are and how our problems are somebody elses fault.

Made for TV bullshit presidents like Reagan. That's what we wanted and that's who we got. Now it doesn't matter. Clinton or either Bush or this current disgrace we have? Or his equally full of shit opponent McCain? They're just cheap salesmen.


the great irony of course is the entitlement mentality this assclown was trying to jawbone away was created by none other than himself and the other morons like him pursuing the liberal utopia


I think it was a little more than the standard reduce dependency on foreign oil speech.

I guess if your version of a leader is somebody who tells you everything will be just fine and no sacrifice is required of you as you go over the cliff....then i guess the man giving the speech wasn't a leader.

Conscience of a conservative

So boring, clearly not a leader, nothing inspirational at all. And Presidents from Nixon on down have talkeda about lessening dependence on foreign oil. It's never happened.


Wow, my wife and I just watched the whole thing. I grew up in a house that absolutely vilified the man. I mean HATED him and were more than a little vocal about it. I can see why after watching this. Some people hate anyone telling them what they should do. What is best for them or the country. I agree with his words but his almost scolding tone belied the wisdom of what he was proposing. It's funny because Reagan came in and said the exact opposite and that is what we as Americans wanted to hear. Jimmy Carter was like a parent telling his kids that they better wake up and deal with some big problems but we just swept it all under the rug while singing "don't worry be happy."

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