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September 27, 2010


Big E in NYC

Seeing how you were a licensee from late 80's to '94, those were the down years for The Bombers. So you had to watch a lot of shit-ball and turned 'em in before the recent dynasty.

Your choice.

And yes, the games are way too expensive. Last year, and years before, I've had the opportunity to finance my ENTIRE season by selling my playoff package to schmucks at 10 to 20 times face. Takes the dent out of the following year check writing.
Of course this scheme doesn't work unless the team goes deep into playoffs. Some criticize me for not going to the playoff games.

But am I a "true fan"? Damn right. If it's a business for them......it's a business for me. They get my fuckin' money fair and square.
So can I truly cry that I pay $325 a seat per game regular season? Not really.
Am I a sucker? Only if we lose in some eyes, but I don't feel like one either way.

Jeff M.

Ok, Rich. I'm with ya. Sort of.
Baseball is a form of entertainment,and since I don't like wrestling, and now that we have a Hudson Line train station, I go to one or two games a year. (Guilty of being a Sucker). Mind you, you still won't sell me that unused ticket from when Jim Abbot threw a no hitter, that tells me you still like the Game, too.

What about your Jets Tickets? Are they next?

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