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September 04, 2011


Albert W.

There needs to be a massive civil disobedience campaign for social justice dedicated to the principles of nonviolence.

The problem is too many people fall into a tribal mindset and party affiliation becomes part of their personal identity. Or they are too proud to admit past errors on Obama or the Democrats for example.

The key is to make demands, not just criticism. Instead of "why hasn't obama put banksters in jail?" it should be framed as "put the banksters in jail" and accept nothing less than action.

Most importantly, aside from supporting third party movements it is important to vote your conscience in the voting booth. Otherwise, nothing will materialize. It will just be more of the same one-party control. Obama is George Bush 2.0. Do not get played by the politics of fear. Liberals are known for ridiculing Republican voters for voting out of fear (of gays/abortions) yet they do the same thing when they vote Democrat (out of fear of christian theocracy that is stoked up every election)

We cannot continue to vote for evil.


Funny. I would think the 2 unfunded wars, the unfunded senior prescription program, the billions of subsidies and tax breaks to corporations who don't need them, the billions wasted in the black hole, otherwise known as homeland security, the banking disaster that came about do to complete lack of oversite, etc...Those are some of the things I think about when I look at my freaking tax bill.


The health care reform act is hardly a cheap illusion. IF it deosn't get repealed, come back in 2 years after looking at your tax bill and let me know if you feel the same way.


I'm not sure there is anything we can do it about it. I had a call from Obama's fundraising team last week, and after berating this poor guy (interspersed with apologies and "I know this isn't your fault"s) I told him to make sure he lets someone in his organization know that when I walk into that booth next November, I will be leaving the choice for President blank or writing myself in. If I won't vote for an R (although Huntsman doesn't seem entirely crazy), and the Ds just don't give a shit about me, then I will abstain from voting for either of them. President Obama should remember how abstaining from a vote works, right? Maybe if enough people stop voting for these clowns based on the letter after their name, the pols will start to do what the people actually ask of them. They can get all the millions in donations they want, but what will they do if they throw a party and no one shows up?


What do we do about it?


I can't disagree with Albert at all.


Unfortunately Albert I can find absolutely no argument with you on this.

Albert W.

Hillary won't change anything.

The problem is systemic. Both parties are corrupt. As much as I loathe Republicans, I see the Democrats as potentially worse. Obama has expanded the National Security and Surveillance State far beyond Bush's wildest dreams which now includes the right to assassinate US citizens anywhere at anytime (without due process). Furthermore, Obama has made cutting Social Security and Medicare "bipartisan consensus". When the Democrats adopt right wing policies it becomes the normal. Remember the anti-war movement? It is nowhere in sight because a Democrat is in office despite more wars and double the number of troops in Afghanistan (not to mention 3 years of increased defense spending).

IMO, it's LONG past time to give up on the Democratic Party and see them for what they are: a party whose only allegiance is to Wall Street and US corporations. They are Republicans without the religious/social craziness.

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