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December 26, 2018


Conscience of a Conservative

Haven't read the blog in a while. Glad its still going. I'm more into the finance and politics than the sports unless I'm doing the sports myself. I prefer not going through life as a spectator.

About Mnuchin, he managed to surprise even me this week and I thought I had seen it all when Mnuchin lobbied the Senate to drop sanctions on Deripaska who even Republican Senator John Kennnedy of Louisiana called a thug. He never even gave a valid reason so we can assume he's simply doing the President's bidding. And Trump seems to have suspect motives on this as well to say the least.

Is it me? But when I look at what Mnuchin did at Goldman it doesn't strike me as the bio for a Secretary of the Treasury. He ran a mortgage desk, huge leap from that to running the countries finances. STruck me as far less impressive than departed Gary Cohn. I stil don't know what Mnuchin does at Treasury.


It's incredible how awesome everything was under Obama and now all of a sudden it's really bad. Eric, tell us how you really feel, please.

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